Doing Talking is a Star Wars podcast that was created by its host, Madison Thames, in July of 2018. A diehard fan for as long as she can remember, Madison made it her mission to consume all things Star Wars. The movies, the novels, the toys, the video games. At the age of six, she cried because she was not allowed to go see Attack of the Clones on opening night. At nine, she experienced a Star Wars film in theaters for the first time. That film was Revenge of the Sith.

     In the years that followed, Madison read a number of novels in the Expanded Universe, became a fan of The Clone Wars television series, and was profoundly impacted by Bioware's Knights of the Old Republic games. She never stopped loving Star Wars, and she never stopped talking about Star Wars. The difference was that back then, only friends and family heard her thoughts, her theories, and her in-depth discussions about a galaxy far, far away. 
     It was the release of The Force Awakens in December 2015 that inspired Madison to get more involved with the Star Wars fandom online. She joined Tumblr and became a member of what was at the time a very small community -- the Reylos. She made fan art, created Star Wars fan videos for her YouTube channel, and she started venturing into the Star Wars fandom circles on Twitter. It was during these months of excitement and brand new content that Madison began listening to Star Wars podcasts for the first time. Talking about Star Wars was a way of celebrating it, she realized, and there were so many new characters and stories to speculate about. Every fan wanted to know: what was coming next? 

     The release of The Last Jedi in December 2017 was the final and greatest catalyst. Madison had theories, ideas, and lots of feelings that she wanted to share with her fellow fans. But merely writing about her predictions and what she loved about Star Wars was no longer enough. She wanted to discuss them in a new format, and so she decided that she would take her first step into the larger world of podcasting. As a result, Doing Talking: A Star Wars Podcast was born. 
     The show is a platform where Madison breaks down the latest Star Wars news, analyzes its themes, content, and characters, and discusses what she thinks is coming next. The name "Doing Talking" was inspired by Rose Tico, but that is not the character's only influence on the podcast. "That's how we're gonna win. Not fighting what we hate -- saving what we love" is perhaps Rose's most famous line from The Last Jedi, and it is an attitude that Madison maintains on Doing Talking. Being positive, having fun, and focusing on the things she loves about Star Wars is her aim. And she always stays on target. 


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